Doll Experiments 


I’ve been working on a long time favourite project- doll making! This doll, my first ceramic doll, is a trial doll with simple string joints. Ultimately I’m working up to making my own Ball Jointed Doll- because I love ball jointed dolls but I hate how they seem so overly sexualised, from their tiny pouts to what my friends and I in sixth form would’ve called ‘come hither eyes.’ Some of them even have erect nipples! Not for me. I like being a child’s illustrator, and a child’s toy maker also. Because no matter how awesome a doll looks, it’s better if it’s played with.

Here are my work in progress shots of her head. Backwards, for some reason. I’m going to attach her to a cloth body; this is what the holes in the neck/ chest are for. The stem in the head will allow the head to move.

More pics of the body in next post. 


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