The Ethical Illustrator


You’ve arrived at a very momentous time. This blog, The Ethical Illustrator, will chronicle my quest to live as ethically as possible, as a responsible illustrator, whilst expanding my creative output to the max, and sharing what I do.

I often question what I am, in terms of art. Am I an artist? Yes… Am I an illustrator? More assertively, yes. But that’s not all. Not every piece of art I make relates to a written narrative, and I believe that is because being an illustrator does not always have to correspond with narrative. The lines are more blurred with traditional artist, in my case, because I make work responding to my environment, feelings and inspirations at the time.

So within this blog, you’ll see my artistic experiments with a variety to mediums: paint, graphite, digital, ceramics, baking and sculpture. I hope you’ll be as inspired and entertained watching as I am creating.

But this isn’t just any old artsy blog. I will also be doing everything I do as ethically as possible, so researching my suppliers and buying from as responsible companies as I can find. I’ve gotten into thinking ethically through my becoming a vegan, almost three years ago. Just as I eliminated cruelty and exploitation from my diet, I’m also looking to cut it out of all facets of my life, and a big part of that includes illustration!

That’s all for now, stay tuned!


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